Happy Monday!

Today’s weekly forecast is a good one!

Overview – With the energy of the new moon, this is a great week for new beginnings, new opportunities and stepping into your light.  Let go of feeling like you need to be all things to all people.  You don’t!  Find your tribe, take that risk and get ready to soar!

1. Energy of the week:  Tick Tock

Divine timing is everything.  Things may have felt delayed or that you can’t seem to get what you want right now.  Remember, spirit has a plan and they are working on delivering it to you.  The perfect things, at the perfect time.  Trust that things will come together at exactly the right time.  Stop worrying about it and allow it to happen!

2. Obstacles: Orphaned

Remember, you don’t need to be all things to all people.  You are not meant to live this life as a solitary being.  Believe in your tribe and the people who ‘get’ you and let go of the rest.  You are special, unique and if that makes you feel like an outsider, let it go.  You have a squad of people who love and understand you.  For those that don’t – it’s okay to let them go, they’re not meant for you anyways.  Find your people, shine your light and stay authentically you. We need your light.  Let it shine!

3. Actions to take: Come to the Edge

Take a risk this week.  Do something out of your comfort zone, try something new.  You need to know that the universe has your back and is there waiting to support you on your journey.  Stop playing it safe and take the risk you’ve been avoiding.  The time is now!

4. Spirit’s message for you this week: Poised

You are ready for launch!  Fly out of the nest and take flight.  You have the confidence and support you need now to take on that new opportunity, new relationship, new job, etc.  Grab ahold of the brass ring and don’t miss this opportunity.  The time is perfect for you to do this.  Don’t delay.  Trust you know what you’re doing and trust that spirit has your back.

Shine on baby, shine on!

Until next time – Blessings and light!