75 Minute Medical Intuition & Energy Healing Session

Go to a deeper level in unearthing the root cause of what’s creating illness, disease, and a general feeling of unwellness in your body.

We’ll break through obstacles during this 75 minute session for deep energetic healing and move to a higher level of vibration. You also receive a recording of our session.


30 Minute Energy Healing Tune-up

Want to have a quick energy tune-up? Get back into alignment? Clearing away energetic baggage or add some additional healing for what’s ailing you?

If you have already had a full 75 Minute Medical Intuition/Energy Healing Session, this is a great way to maintain your high vibe!

*You must have at least one full session prior to booking the Tune Up Session!


60 Minute Channeled Reading Session

Are you looking for some additional clarity in your life? 

This 60-minute psychic session can help give you the guidance you’re looking for.

I channel information from your guides and divine team to deliver the messages you need to help you move forward!


75 Minute Year-Ahead Channeled Psychic Forecast

These Year Ahead Channeled Psychic Forecast readings are something magical!

This isn’t just cards, it is channeled messages from your divine team to help you get clear on what’s headed your way in 2023.

Find out what each month in the year holds for you along with a card holding the upcoming year’s energy.

You will receive a download of the session and images of all your cards.


75 Minute Transformation Coaching Session

Are you a high-performing person who keeps getting stuck just as you are about to break through to the next level?

These sessions can help you gain clarity on what’s sabotaging you and your advancement in life.

These sessions are powerful catalysts for change and transformation in your life.


75 Minutes Year-Ahead Coaching and Realignment

This session will help you kick the New Year off right!

These sessions will help you energetically clear away the blocks / beliefs / negative energy that has been holding you back. 

It includes a coaching session to help you make lasting changes in your life for the new year!