Healing & Guidance for a Radiant Life

Helping women harness the power of their intuition to grow, heal and thrive.

Radiant Living Is All About Empowering Women to Take Charge of Their Health and Wellness

By tapping into the root cause of illness and disease in the body, I help individuals to remove blocks. Through changed thoughts and behaviors they are able to create a Radiant Life.

Channeled Readings

Looking for guidance and wisdom to help you move your life forward?  These sessions can give you the clarity you’re looking for.

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medical intuitive & Energy Healing

Discover the root cause of illness, disease or just general malaise in your body by connecting with your energy system. These Release and Realignment sessions are powerful energy clearings and healings to help you achieve your highest health and wellness for your mind, body and spirit.

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Programs, Classes, Events, and Workshops

Deep dive into my classes, programs, and workshops.  A wide variety of classes and programs to assist you on your healing journey. Virtual and In-Person Programs available.

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Align with Divine Membership Group

Are you ready to take your healing journey to the next level? In this membership group, you’ll have access not only to my full meditation vault, but also access to a private Facebook Group where you’ll have a more intimate connection with me and the work I do. This allows you to tap into what is going on in your body and release old patterns of behavior, thoughts and beliefs.

Through this powerful leveling of healing, you are able to move forward with a richer life. Step into your full light and share your gifts with the world.

What a gift! Cannot say enough good things about my session with Michele. She helped me address a sudden flare-up of an autoimmune issue that has previously been under control. Michele was able to immediately get to the emotional roots of the pain, even bringing up some attitudes I had forgotten I was holding from early childhood. She was spot-on with her knowledge of previous illnesses, and the nature of the patterns I was struggling with playing out to this day. I felt SO GOOD afterward emotionally and was able to drop most of the inflammation within 24 hours (net 2 lbs of water lost, too). I’m getting back my strength and mobility after 2-3 months of alternately guarding and straining the muscles. The big gift is understanding the roots of what needs to be balanced and resolved. Thanks so much, Michele! 

Carrie H.

My reading with Michele was so helpful. I’ve dealt with some body pain for many years and she went in and helped me clear cords linking to my pain. The guidance she channeled for me is still working it’s magic. She was very thorough and pinpointed some root issues. I highly recommend a private session with Michele. She has an outstanding ability to tap into spirit and relay messages from guides.

Madeline H.

Michele’s reading was spot on! Not only did she hit on the stuff going on within my body she picked up on numerous areas of my life as well. I also appreciated her check in after to see how everything was going. I highly recommend working with Michele if you’re considering it.

Emily A.