So far I have only had one reading but it was truly heartfelt. Michele is not some dime store palm reader. She truly has been blessed with a gift that has been honed with experience. If you want help with the chaos we go through not only physically but spiritually. Do not hesitate to use her services.

Ryan L.

I have had a combative relationship with my body. I fainted a lot as a teenager, developed reflux and food intolerances as an adult, and had a horrible pregnancy. I’ve been searching for answers and a better, healed relationship for a while. Today I had a session with Michele Manzek Thomas with Radiant Living HLC that was so phenomenal. She helped me see how so many of my issues were in response to stress and anxiety I was feeling, and helped me heal that trauma. She healed things I didn’t know were still affecting me, and gave me tools when things pop up again.
As women, we carry so many of our stress and emotions in our gut. She can help you heal that ish! I highly recommend booking a session with her. She is an amazing healer! ❤️

Erin K.

I had an incredible Medical Intuition session with Michele and it’s made such a big difference! She honed in on all of my problem areas, offering release and deep healing. Her intuition is spot on and she was able to pinpoint things she had no way of knowing. She even gave me tips on what I could do to make sure my healing was a continuous process. I feel renewed and invigorated to continue my journey towards health and happiness!

Sheenal Y.

WOW! My session with Michele was incredible. She was able to give me such insight into habits and beliefs that were keeping me from huge shifts. Some nagging health issues were made clear as well as how to make the changes necessary. It was everything I hoped and so much more. I have so much clarity and I’m excited about all that is to come with my new found clarity! Thanks so much Michele.

Mindi D.

She gave me a reading and got most of my answers you know spirit and timing. lol we made time nor spirit. The cards resonated with me so much. Was Amazing. I Highly Recommend her Talents.

Kathy C.

I’ve had two sessions with Michele and both were fantastic! She was able to pinpoint the various issues I’ve been struggling with for two years and also shared specific actions I could take to achieve better health and less pain. I really appreciated the positive way she phrased things and the encouragement she provided along with the accurate assessment of problem areas in my life, both physical and emotional. I would highly recommend some time with Michele for anyone who is struggling with chronic pain like I was. It is such a help to have access to a divine perspective regarding the challenges of one’s own journey. It’s obvious that Michele is dedicated to spreading love and light to those who need it and I’m grateful for her service.

Vanessa W.

My reading with Michele was such a positive experience! She is so full of light and has a genuine desire to heal. Her intuitive process was very structured and thorough. When we finished, I truly felt like I was cleansed of many issues, loved and protected, and had a clear plan to move forward on my path. Please consider Michele for your next healing session. I highly recommend her services and wish for you the same success I experienced in her care.

Betsy K.

I had the privilege of getting a reading today from Michele and it was amazing. She was so accurate and knew so much about me, things that have bothered me in the past, things I need to release and I could feel the energy changing as she brought them up. She even said things in the way that the angels say to me when I connect to them and things that my partner says to me. I genuinely can not recommend her work enough. If you’re thinking of getting a reading, do it ?

Rachel C.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Michele… I found her reading spot on and inspiring. I love I got a recording and have the opportunity to experience my situation and body in a more empowered way. Thank you! I’ll be doing this again.

Abbey R.