About Us

Radiant Living’s purpose is to help women heal and create a radiant life through individual sessions, workshops, and classes, empowering individuals to harness the power of their intuition to grow, heal and thrive. When you are able to connect with your body at a deeper energetic level, you can understand how emotional and mental blocks are manifested physically. By clearing those blocks, shaking limiting beliefs and embracing new productive habits, we are able to lead fuller, richer lives.

Michele Thomas, Radiant Living

Michele Thomas is a medical intuitive, channeled energy healer and spiritual advisor with her company Radiant Living.

Radiant Living came about after Michele got divorced and was longing for something more in her life. She spent most of her adult life in the corporate world, but always felt drawn to be of service. After her divorce she went on a spiritual quest to find her true passion and purpose in this life. After taking many classes and workshops, she finally found her true calling as a medical intuitive and channeled energy healer. She feels drawn to helping other women reclaim their health and wellness so they can live a truly radiant life.