I’ve been planning this group for some time and I’m excited to finally be opening it up to members!

The You Can Heal Yourself Facebook group is a free community meant to empower women to take charge of their health by utilizing the power of their intuition to better understand their health and wellness.

As a medical intuitive and energy healer, I see so many women walking around with physical manifestations of issues that haven’t been resolved.  Issues, that with a little intuitive guidance could easily be removed and cleared, allowing them to live more radiant lives.

The goals of this group is to help foster and increase our intuitive abilities and our awareness of what is causing issues in our life, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

We’ll learn how to dig in to determine what’s going on and work towards healing it.  The group will jump in to learning more about about tuning in to intuition, energy healing, meditation, and the various ways you can heal what’s holding you back in this life.

Topics we’ll discuss and dig into:




Spirit guides

Energy Healing

Self awareness

Self worth

Self care

Cord Removals

Akashic Records/Soul Book

Inner Child work

Karma/Ancestral Pattern release

Medical Intuition/Mediumship

Chakras / Energy clearing

I’ll be delivering monthly meditations/energy clearings as well as delivering weekly oracle card readings specific to our group to help us stay focused for the week ahead.

With this group you’ll have greater access to me and my gifts, allowing you to foster change and growth towards living the life you’ve always dreamed about. Plus, you’ll be the first to have access to my new programs, meditations and healings.

I hope you’ll join this amazing group of empowered women in taking your first step towards your healing journey!

Can’t wait to meet you!

Until next time,