This month’s energy is one of ACTION!!

The energy surrounding this month is Between Worlds.

You are stuck in limbo between what you ‘have’ to do and the passion that is surging in you.  It’s time to decide, make a choice and step forward.  Stop humming and hawing about it, choose. This month it is time to be decisive and make the tough, bold decision about what you NEED to be doing.  If you are waffling over a choice or just stuck in limbo, you are wasting your energy living in two worlds.  This month is time to take matters into your own hands and move forward.

The Obstacles facing you this month is Yin.

Yin is the feminine energy of receiving.  This month you need to power up the YANG and get shit done!  Stop waiting for others to do it for you.  You need to take big, bold decisive steps if you want to move forward and get anything done.  The world needs to step up and take inspired action.  Your voice needs to be heard. Take charge and be bold.

The actions you can take to get around this obstacle is Chaos and Conflict.

This month, you need to get focused and take charge.  Leave the chaos and conflict behind as you boldly step forward and into the light. You need to speak up, ask for what you need and get what needs doing, done.

Spirit’s Guidance this month is Soul Mates

You are not meant to weather this storm alone.  There are people out there willing to help and assist you.  Get out of the backseat, and start driving.  Remember, you have someone to help navigate.  Accept their help and get moving.  It’s going to be a busy and exciting month for you to take amazing leaps ahead in your progress. 

Thanks for watching and reading this month’s forecast.  I hope you make it a productive one!

Until next time,