I realize that my title sounds a bit ominous, however, it really is more about how the world we’ve been living in the last few decades is now radically changing.  Not only is it changing, but it likely will be a total transformation of the earth and the collective. 

We have been forced to live a much different life in the past few months.  We’ve been reconnecting with to our families, staying at home, slowing down and being more compassionate towards others.  We’re thanking those individuals and industries that have been wholly unappreciated in the past.  Those individuals working in the grocery store, the truckers so vital for the supply chain, sanitation workers, delivery drivers, janitors, medical professionals, and of course, teachers.  On top of that, we are recognizing the frailty of our economy, our medical industry and even our country’s leadership.  

We’ve been living in a rat race world of spending too much time, money and energy on things, that when we look back at it, are unworthy.   

My question for you right now is, how are you handling this new world order?  Are you feeling overwhelming emotions, often oscillating between insanity and despair? Loneliness and sadness?  These are normal.  We, as a collective, are emitting a grief like none our generation has seen since the likes of 9/11.   

My challenge to you at this time of unparalleled change is to give yourself grace.  Give yourself space to feel and experience the wide range of emotions  you’re  going to have at this time.  It’s okay if you feel like you’re wasting this time at home.  Worrying that you’re not accomplishing the things you’d hope to do during this time.  It’s okay.   

It’s okay to not be okay.  (repeat as often as necessary.) 

I’m okay

Then, when you feel like you can do something, change something – start small.  Create a list of things you’d love to do during this time.  It can be as mundane as cleaning out your pantry, to as wild as writing a novel.   Now, instead of jumping in and starting, break it down in to small, easy to do daily tasks.  This will help you from feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and afraid of just getting started. 

Then on the days you feel good enough to tackle them, start one thing.  Write one page, clear off one shelf.  Just start. 

Then, create a habit of doing one thing on your list each day.   Remember, some days you’ll tackle five things on your list, while others will feel like a momentous achievement to finish the smallest of things. 

The other thing I want to suggest is auto-writing.  If you’ve never done it, it is a great way to get insight into your imbedded thoughts, emotions, behaviors and triggers to see how you can heal, change, learn and grow from them.   I use auto-writing all the time to figure out a tough issue I’m having with work, or an emotion or action that I can’t seem to break out of.  

Here is a great article about Automatic writing.  For me, I love using a pen and paper.  I can even tell when my ego mind lets go and my subconscious mind begins by the change in my handwriting.  This doesn’t need to just be a spiritual tool to connect with your guides, angels, ascended masters, etc.  You can also write to simply tap into your higher self / or subconscious mind.  It is a great tool and something I try to do every morning.  It’s great to incorporate it into your morning meditation practice, or even something called ‘Morning Pages’.   

I also want you all to know that I’m here for you.  I’ve been called to serve during this trying time and am offering remote oracle and medical intuition sessions for a donation or a quick review.  That’s it.  There is no base price.  You pay what you can, or simply write about how your experience was working with me.  I’m also planning on some upcoming gallery reading events in the beginning of May that will be free to attend. 

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With that, I wish you health, happiness and serenity.  I know this is challenging us all in different ways, but know we are all going through this together.  We will get through this, and the world will look a whole lot different at the end of it. 

Blessings and light,