This week’s oracle card reading – 6/22/2020

1. Energy of the week: Chaos & Conflict 

Buckle up, this week could be a bit of a bumpy ride. Don’t let obstacles, conflicts and change throw you for a loop. Allow yourself to rise above it and release all that no longer serves you and your highest good. Know that change and challenges serves a higher purpose and allows you to grow and gain wisdom. Believe in yourself, your talents and let go of limiting beliefs, behaviors and actions that are holding you back. You got this!

2. Obstacles: Observer

Stop seeing your life and the challenges you face with a single, myopic lens. Widen your view point. See things from a new perspective. Gain clarity by removing yourself from the middle of the fray. When you come from a higher viewpoint you can see the issue from a new vantage point, allowing you to gain a better perspective and come up with a better solution to the issue at hand.

3. Actions to take: Breathe 

Release anxiety and stress. Meditate to help clear your mind and gain greater visibility and perspective to overcome challenges. Take time out for self care. Reduce anxiety by stepping back and taking some time for a deep cleansing breath. Removing extreme and volatile emotions from the situation will allow for greater clarity and wisdom in finding the solutions you seek.